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What’s the certification I-REC?

The I-REC Service is a global electricity environmental attribute tracking system designed to facilitate reliable Scope 2 carbon accounting consistent with various international accounting standards. I-RECs allow all electricity users to make a conscious and evidence-based choice for renewable electricity, in any country around the world.

The certification cycle works as follows: a company that wants to be the issuer of I-RECs (renewable energy certificates) must adhere to the I-REC Code, through a desk audit by the local issuer. The issuer in Brazil is Totum Institute. When the company has all documents in compliance and the audit is closed, the company pays program rates and is registered in the I-REC Platform. After inclusion in the Platform, the company will be allowed to issue and transfer of I-RECs (each I-REC is equivalent to 1MWh of energy generated).

Click here to watch the video that explains in detail the certification system I-REC:


What is the role of the Instituto Totum in I-REC?

The I-REC Standard (international entity that controls the I-REC system in the world) maintains a central registry from which sellers and buyers can negotiate I-RECs. Thus, the I-REC Standard gives authority to external companies register energy generating enterprises and thereafter issue I-RECs. These companies are called local issuers.

Local issuers may be a government agency or independent entity, preferably acting with the recognition and support of government authorities. They have authority to register, supervise and audit enterprises producers of renewable electricity, and issue the I-RECs to registrants on behalf of the I-REC Standard, in the specified region contract between I-REC Standard and local issuer.

Totum Institute is the local issuing agency and representative of I-REC Standard in Brazil. See more.

Totum Institute is responsible since 2011 for the development and management of renewable energy voluntary certification system in Brazil, in partnership with ABRAGEL (Associação Brasileira de Energia Limpa), ABEEólica (Associação Brasileira de Energia Eólica) and CCEE. In this period, the program has certified five ventures that produce renewable energy, generating electricity equivalent to more than 500,000 MWh per year.

Click on the links below to know the Required Documents (in portuguese) to certify energy devices in I-REC:

[B] Código I-REC v. 1.4
- [B] CSD02 - Registro de Dispositivos de Produção de Energia - Empreendimentos v1.3
[B] CSD04 - Emissão de I-RECs v. 1.4
- [B] CSD01 - Solicitação de Abertura de conta no I-REC para registrantes e participantes v1.0
[B] BR2016_14_List of evidences Verification in Brazil v. 09
[B] Guia I-REC - Como o I-REC Funciona
[B] Guia I-REC – Registrar um Dispositivo Gerador e Emitir I-REC
- [B] Guia I-REC – Receber, Negociar ou Resgatar I-RECs
FM.13b.18 - Condicões financeiras da Certificacão I-REC e REC Brazil
FM.24.00 - Condições para transição REC Brazil e I-REC


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